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The ZERO KARBON concept


Over the past decade, the tangible effects of climate change have been amplified and, at the same time, a common will to act has begun globally, which has ultimately led to the adoption of the Paris Agreement. One of the main themes of the years ahead will be how organisations, processes or even individuals outside the EU quota trading system can be carbon neutral and adapt to the climate change. The ZERO KARBON concept provides a solution for this.

What exactly does carbon footprint or carbon emissions mean and why is it necessary?

The impact on climate change can be determined by the carbon footprint, which shows how much greenhouse gas emissions can be derived from a product or organisational operation or process. If we know our carbon footprint, we can reduce or neutralize it, thus slowing it down to prevent the negative effects of climate change.

All activities involve some kind of emissions, it is even true for climate-beneficial activities. Emissions that are, for any reason, not reducible can be neutralised by supporting or inducing projects that, as a result of their operation, capture carbon dioxide or prevent carbon dioxide (carbon) emissions.

Our ZERO KARBON Services

  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Consulting on the Optimization of Carbon Emissions at Company Level
  • Carbon Offset (Emission Neutralization)

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About us

Pannon Pro Innovations Ltd. /PPIS/ is a private consultancy providing a wide range of innovation management and entrepreneurship support activities. Our key topics are sustainability, energy, climate change and bioeconomy.

With enterprising, incubating, consulting and developing new strategies we work for and with companies to tackle climate change. We have been successfully delivering our acceleration and incubation programme since 2013.

As a full-scale innovation management agency on a mission to make ideas work, we are bringing promising R&D developments to market. As a strategic consultancy dedicated to low carbon economy transition we support our clients to become innovative and resilient.

PPIS is a perfectly positioned gateway to dedicated funds, investors and cutting-edge know-how, being an affiliated partner of Europe’s largest public-private climate innovation partnership, EIT Climate-KIC


Developing a Bio-economy

To contribute to the transition of a biomass-based solutions instead of fossil based technologyies

Energy transition

To accelerate the transformation to a low carbon energy system with new business models, technologies and energy savings

Industrial Symbiosis

To increase resource efficiency and turn waste, including food waste and carbon dioxide, into a resource

Resilience Planning

To increase the capacity of society, cities and infrastructure to be able to adapt to climate change

Sustainable Cities

To move from centralised energy, waste and water utilities to decentralised, integrated systems and more sustainable transport systems

Pannon Pro Innovations

We are a private firm providing innovation management services.




PPIS is at the forefront of building a climate innovation ecosystem in Hungary and South East Europe. Acting as a center of excellence we bring together decades of professional experience pooling academic, start-up, industrial, policy and research partners. We actively assist academic, public and private organizations in their own efforts to host local and regional climate innovation ecosystems. Deploying and implementing PPIS’ proven methodologies and practices greatly enhances the rate of success and reduces time necessary to create a thriving innovation community on your own.


DONE WITH PROTOTYPING AND READY TO GROW OR JUST HAVE A NEW IDEA TO SOLVE CLIMATE CHANGE? We evaluate your idea and turn it into a sustainable and profitable project.

We accelerate development to help create an investable business start-up, with products or services delivered to the first client in about 12-18 months. PPIS mentor programme guides cleantech ideas into a commercial success and access to European and international markets.
More information about our mentor program and start-ups HERE.

We also do research and nurture spin-offs in-house to bring promising R&D developments to market. During project development we are focusing on commercialization by creating the right partnership and emphasising potential client involvement, IP management and market research. We work together with know-how owners to conquer new markets but also with companies seeking solutions to their challenges applying tools of open innovation too.


Through strategy development and advisory services PPIS supports your company to develop an innovation or sustainability plan focusing on future targets and technologies to keep or even improve your market position. Academic and public stakeholders can also benefit by having climate resilience and adaptation plans. If available we use widely accepted and standardized methods with involving our clients to secure an easy to understand, optimal and tailored output.


Academic institutions: to develop projects and innovation ecosystems
Companies: to create sustainability and innovation strategies, and develop projects
Municipalities: to develop climate and adaptation strategies, and enabling framework for innovation
Start-ups: to reach clients and market via proper business plans and incubation


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Climate Launchpad

ceantech business startu-up idea competeiton

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Incubation programe

focused on climate impact by cleantech commercialisation for startups

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Climate Innovation Community

community of like-minded and devoted people to tackle climate change challenges through innovation

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mapping the bioeconomy activities and potential of the Danube Region where you can also have your voice

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Microalgae Biorefinery 2.0

business offer to turn waste water treatment into waste water valorization

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open access modeling framework to get ready and resilient for coming climate extremities

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Pannon Green Power

spin-off for complete solar project development 

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creating a smart city opportunity by using existing infrastructure of street lighting


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